How Do I Turn My Listings Into Bundles?

Bundles allow sellers to combine popular items (say, a guitar and a case) at a discounted rate. Not only does this help buyers choose the right gear and save money, but it is a powerful selling tool to increase order volume. Currently, Bundles are only available to the shops of Preferred Sellers. As a buyer, you will need to complete the order via Reverb Payments to take advantage of Bundles. 

If you're a Preferred Seller and do not yet have bundles turned on for your shop, please contact us at

Once you have Bundles turned on, you'll have the ability to create one starting from your Listings page. Start with the main item in the bundle, select 'Edit' and then 'Create Bundle':

After you have completed this, you'll have your main item and then may search your inventory for the item you would like to bundle with it:

Now that you've selected the items that are part of the bundle, you will be prompted to enter the price you wish to offer the second item at:

Once you have created the bundle, it will be advertised on the listing, highlighting the savings the buyer will receive if they purchase the accompanying item from you:

 Happy selling!

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