How do I offer layaway in my shop?

Layaway is currently available to Preferred Sellers using Reverb Payments. If you are a Preferred Seller and have not already added the Layaway feature to your shop, you’ll want to contact us at

As a seller, Layaway is a great tool to have, as it allows you to make deals with buyers who may not have all the money they need for their new gear readily available that day. As the seller, only you can initiate the Layaway plan the Reverb's offer system. If a buyer inquires about it, or you would like to offer it to them, you will see the option to ‘Include an Offer’ in the message:

Once you click that, you can put in your best offer and can include Layaway terms:

If you select ‘Add Layaway Terms,’ the following drop-down menu will appear:

There are currently three different options you may offer: 20% down, 30 days50% down, 30 days; or 50% down, 60 days. Once you and the buyer have come to an agreement on how to proceed, send an offer their way with the terms included. After the buyer accepts, they will be prompted make their non-refundable down payment. Depending on the timeframe you have set, the buyer can make as many payments needed, so long as the order is paid in full by the final day. As soon as the order is fully paid, we’ll notify you to ship!

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