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Why are my total earnings lower than what I sold my gear for?

There are a couple of factors that may affect the total amount of your earnings:

  1. Fees - Reverb charges a 5% selling fee as well as a 3.19% + $0.49* payment processing fee for each sale made via Reverb Payments. The fees are deducted from your total earnings. Note that fees are calculated based on your order total (including shipping).
  2. Refunded orders - After a refund is initiated through Reverb Payments, your billing card will be charged within one business day. If any other sales are made during that time period, the amount owed from the refund will be deducted from your earnings.

All deductions are listed as line items when viewing a specific payment. You can view the detail and breakdown of any specific Reverb Payments payment by visiting your Earnings page and clicking the "View" button.

*2.99% + $0.49 for Reverb Preferred Sellers.

If you have a Payout Balance on your account, it will be used first to go against your current negative balance. To review your balance, head to your Earnings page, then click the Payout Balance tab.

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