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How-To: Create a Blog

With Reverb Site's Blog feature you can keep your customers up to date on new inventory, trendy topics, events, and more. Implementing a blog in your Reverb Site will also improve it's visibility in search engines, making it even easier for new and old customers to find your online shop!

To create your Blog Page:
  1. Select the Navigation Tab
  2. Select "+" to create a new Navigation Link
  3. Select "Blog" under the "Links To" option
  4. Select "Create Navigation Link"


To create new post pages:
  1. Select the Pages Tab
  2. Select "+" to create a new page
  3. Add the title of your page/ blog post
  4. Select the "Publish Page" and "Show In Blog" toggles
  5. Select "Create"
  6. Add desired page components for blog post
In order to edit the post preview in your Blog page:
  1. Select the Pages Tab
  2. Select the desired post page
  3. Select the SEO option in the page
    1. Here you can update the Meta TitleDescription, and Photo that will show within the post preview within the blog page