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Can I purchase using multiple credit or debit cards?

While there is no official way to pay using two cards on the site, we do understand that not all purchases can always be made with one card. By utilizing our Reverb Credits, we have provided our buyers the ability to split payments on Reverb Payments orders.

To make a purchase with multiple cards:

  1. Purchase a Reverb Gift Card with credit card A.
  2. Redeem those Reverb Credits to your Reverb account.
  3. Checkout using Reverb Payments.
  4. Your Reverb Credits will automatically be applied to your purchase.
  5. Use credit card B to pay for the balance not covered by the Reverb Credits.
The Reverb Credits will not be able to be combined or used with PayPal or Affirm purchases, so they will need to be used with another valid credit/debit card to complete the purchase through Reverb Payments.
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