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Can I sell my order locally?

Quick answer

You can enable Local Pickup on your listings to give buyers the option to receive the item(s) in person. After an order is completed, payment is initiated to the seller after Reverb receives confirmation that the purchase was picked up from the buyer.

After you and the buyer have agreed on the local pickup, the buyer will be able to proceed with submitting payment on the site as usual. Once the payment clears, Reverb will notify you via email when you are set to meet with the buyer and complete the transaction.

When coordinating the local pickup, communication should be made directly through Reverb messages and personal contact information should never be exchanged.

How do you get paid?

We will need confirmation of delivery from the buyer before we are able to release the funds. All orders that are eligible for Local Pickups will have a 'Mark As Received' button on the buyer's Purchases page on both the main website and the mobile app.

Once this is marked by the buyer, this will put the payout in the approved state similar to how the 'delivered' or 'in transit' status would trigger the payout approval on regular shipped Reverb Payments orders.

We always recommend having the buyer confirm delivery on their Purchases page before they leave the pickup location with the item.

If the buyer is having any troubles finding the 'Mark As Received' button on their Purchases page, there are other ways they can notify us:

  • The buyer can send a direct message on the order confirming delivery.
  • The buyer can leave feedback on the order confirming delivery.
  • The buyer can head into our Live Chat system to confirm delivery (or via email).

If one of these first two happens, contact our support team so we can get it manually approved for payout!

Orders paid using PayPal or Affirm financing are not eligible for local pickup.
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