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Changes to California Proposition 65

The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (“Prop 65”) requires manufacturers, producers, packagers, importers, suppliers or distributors (the “Notice Parties”) of products to provide warnings to California consumers about potentially hazardous or cancer-causing materials in those products.  Up until August 30, 2018, the warnings could be general, but Prop 65 will change on August 30 at which point Notice Parties will be encouraged to include a warning that lists the specific chemicals in the product(s) if they are present in an amount that may be hazardous.

While the new regulations are not binding, they provide "safe harbor" to those who comply by providing more detailed warnings.  It is important to note, these warnings are only necessary when the purchaser is a California resident. Example warnings could read:


We encourage all Reverb users who sell to California residents to investigate the requirements and to make independent determinations about whether warnings are necessary when selling items to California residents.

You can include warnings in your item descriptions on Reverb. You can add these to your listings manually, or you can add them via the API or a CSV upload. 

integrations.svg Instructions on adding these warnings with the API

integrations.svg Instructions on adding these warnings via CSV upload

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