Recent change from "As-Is" to "As-Described"

Selling an item “As-Is” is a great way to move something with a bit of wear and tear (provided the listing has plenty of photos and a detailed description). However, keep in mind that “As-Is” items aren’t return-proof.

Some sellers opt for listing an item “As-Is” because they believe buyers understand the risk that the item may not be exactly as they imagined. What’s more, buyers can easily overlook warnings in a description before making a purchase.

In order to reduce future confusion, we’re changing “As-Is” to “As-Described” and making the notification more apparent to buyers by placing it at the bottom of the listing description. This will help safeguard both buyers and sellers in future transactions.


Here's what that looks like when creating a listing:


...and what that looks like on the listing page once your listing is live:





No action is required on your end: Current Reverb policy and enforcement will remain the same.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your listing, make sure you’re writing accurate, detailed descriptions and including plenty of detailed photos. This is important for any listing, but especially for items being sold “As-Described”.

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