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How do I add my item to a Reverb sales event?

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Gear included in Reverb sales events get more views and sellers who include all eligible gear into a sales event see more orders. Plus, Watchers immediately get an email when a listing goes on sale.

This is only available for use on the web, and you can add an item to a Reverb sales event from your Listings page.

How do I qualify to participate in a Reverb sales event?

  • Every Reverb Payments seller is eligible to participate in a Reverb sales event. 
  • At this time, only Reverb Preferred Sellers may be eligible to add Brand New items to a sales event. If you are not a Reverb Preferred Seller, only used items can be included in a sales event.

How do I add my items to a Reverb sales event? 

  1. Head to your Sales Page within the Selling section of your account.
  2. Select the Add button on the sale you would like to join to be redirected to your Listings page
  3. Select the Sale button on the top of the page to add multiple listings to the sale or the Sale button on the individual listings.

You may also skip steps 1 and 2, to complete following only step 3.

What happens when I add my item to a Reverb sales event?

Adding an item to a Reverb sales event allows for your item to be displayed within the Sales Section on Reverb. Our dedicated marketing team will promote our official Reverb site-wide sales to ensure that listings in these sales receive additional attention. 

Reverb does not cover the sale percentage, so make sure you are comfortable with the sale price before entering a sale.

If an item is not added to a sales event, confirm your item is not excluded under MAP. Review the full list notated under the Auto-Excluded Brands from Site-wide Sales on Reverb.

How do I remove an item from a sales event? 

  1. Head to your Listings Page and select Sale on the right side of the Listing you want to remove.
  2. Scroll down to uncheck the listing you do not want in the sales event.
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