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How can I integrate my PrestaShop with Reverb?

With the Reverb app for PrestaShop users, sellers can:

  • Sync Inventory levels from PrestaShop to Reverb
  • Sync Inventory levels from Reverb to PrestaShop
  • Create new listings
  • Automatically publish drafts
  • Sync over all or specific listing info (title, descriptions, price, etc.)
  • Sync orders from Reverb to PrestaShop
  • Sync shipping & tracking information from PrestaShop to Reverb

1. Installation

  • Download the module: Find the latest release and download the attached file here. Please note, the module requires PrestaShop v.1.6.1 or later to run.

  • Login to your PrestaShop store, and access the Modules tab on the left-hand side under your dashboard. Then, click on Upload a Module located at the top, and select the Reverb zip file.

  • After uploading, find the Reverb module by searching for it, and then click on Install. Your module is now installed and should be activated. If necessary, click on the module's Configure link to ensure you are taken to the Reverb module.

2. Connect Your Reverb Account

  • Visit and log in to your seller account. Then, navigate to your account settings and access the 'API & Integrations' tab.
  • Generate a new Personal Access Token, and name it 'PrestaShop' (or any name you choose).

  • Enable all OAuth scopes by checking all boxes on the page.

  • Once the token is generated, go to your Login tab of the Reverb Module in PrestaShop, change the Sandbox mode to “No”, and then copy+paste the API token code you generated. This will validate your entry to log in

3. Product Syncing

  • Category Mapping: Before syncing over products, you have to make sure that your PrestaShop products are connected to Reverb categories. To do this, go to your Reverb Module configuration, then click on the Product Type Mapping tab.

  • Sync Settings: Next, go to the Settings tab in your Reverb module and switch all toggles to YES. To bring over new listings as Drafts, you can turn off Automatically publish listings after sync.

  • Lastly, go to the Sync Status tab and click Launch Listing Sync to start your first sync. You can also view the overall progress of your sync from this page.
    • Please note: Without the setup of the CRON, only inventory levels will sync automatically, so regular manual syncing is recommended to ensure products and order statuses match up properly.
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