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Can I integrate Reverb with Magento 1.x?

Yes! With the Reverb plugin for Magento 1.x, sellers can:

  • Sync Inventory levels from Magento to Reverb
  • Sync Inventory levels from Reverb to Magento
  • Create new listings
  • Sync over all or specific listing info (title, descriptions, price, etc.)
  • Sync orders from Reverb to Magento
  • Sync shipment tracking from Magento to Reverb

1. Installation:

2. Set Up:

  • In Magento Admin, go to System -> Configuration -> Reverb Configuration
  • Reverb Extension: Select "Yes" for "Enable Reverb Module."
  • Reverb Connection: Select " (Production)" for "Reverb Sync Destination." Then, enter your API Token
  • Reverb Default:
    • Enable Listing Creation --> Select "Yes" 
    • Require Reverb Category Definition --> Select "Yes" (recommended)
    • Enable Product Image Sync --> Select "Yes"
    • Inventory Tracking --> Select "Yes" (recommended)
    • Default Item Condition --> Select closest match from menu
    • Accept Offers --> Select "Yes" to enable offers and "No" to disable them
  • Listing Update Fields: Selecting "Yes" for all is suggested.
  • Listing Field Attributes:Make, Model, Price and Shipping Profile (Name) are mandatory.
  • Order Sync:
    • Enable Order Sync: Select "Yes"
    • Which orders should sync from Reverb? "All (including Unpaid Accepted Offers)" (recommended)
    • Override Production Inventory/Status Checks: "No" (recommended)
    • Magento Store to sync orders to: "Reverb"

3. Start Sync

  • Once the setup has been completed, you're ready to begin your first sync. Go to your Reverb tab within Magento and click "Bulk Product Sync" to get started. 

Additional questions? Feel free to email and we'd be happy to assist!

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