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How-To: Add Components To Your Listing Pages


Add items to your listing page and they will show below your listing information. Please note that these any component components added will show on all listing pages.

To add Components to your listings pages:

  1. Click to the ‘Pages’ tab in the top left corner of your Reverb Sites Dashboard
  2. Select the "Listing" page in the pageview panel
  3. Select “Add Item”

You now have the ability to add the following components to all your listing pages:

Related Listings

This component will automatically show listings that are similar to the listing that is currently being viewed. If no related listings are found, a message prompting users to search your shop will be displayed.

Related Listings Options

  • Change Background Color
      1. Click the color icon on the right of “Background Color”
      2. Choose from the available preset colors
        • You can also paste a custom RGB color #