Why Was I Charged an Additional Amount for a Shipping Label?

Sometimes, package carriers may determine that the entered weight and dimensions for a shipping label created on Reverb may have a variance from what they've received and will update the weight and dimensions accordingly.  

UPS, FedEx, and USPS audit* the weight and dimensions of each shipment against what was originally entered. If there is a difference, any additional charges or credits go back to the shipper.  When this happens, Reverb will apply any additional label costs to your monthly Reverb statement.  

The only data Reverb has in these situations is what is provided as the audited weight or dimensions from the carrier and the resulting charges. Unfortunately, we are not able to dispute the charges or request additional information.

While these situations are quite rare, we do make it a point to make sure that any affected orders are noted accordingly on your statement.  When purchasing a shipping label, Reverb always suggests that our sellers use tools such as scales and tape measures to insure that the provided dimensions are accurate.  We also suggest checking out our Reverb Shipping Guide for more information when shipping out any gear you may have recently sold! 


*UPS, FedEx, USPS and other carriers use the greater of the actual weight of a package or the dimensional weight, a calculation based on the size of the package. Depending on the entered and audited dimensions either could have been used for the quoted rate and final rate. For more information please see this explanation from UPS.

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