Listing Guidelines: Shops


In addition to the listings themselves, we also have some guidelines to follow when setting up a shop page. Shop details can be edited on this page.

We suggest having fun with a shop name! Make it a reflection of your personality and the gear you'll be selling. Please be aware that there is a character limit, so be brief and clear when choosing your shop name.

Add a custom banner that adds personality to your shop. Replacing the default banner with a professional-looking one also adds credibility when users are browsing your shop.

Don't forget to add your shop description! This will give potential buyers further information about you and the kind of gear you're into.




Shop pages:

In shop descriptions as with listing descriptions, we don't allow phone numbers, URLs, or other contact information. This rule goes for the shop banner and video as well. Irrelevant or potentially offensive information is also not allowed on shop pages. 

Drop shipping:

In order to ensure speedy delivery and outstanding service on gear sold through Reverb, we do not permit the use of drop shipping. Please limit your listings to things you have in stock and are able to ship direct in a timely manner.

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