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Listing Guidelines

Great listings from musicians all over the globe are what makes Reverb the best marketplace for gear. To keep searching, selling, learning, and buying on Reverb an amazing experience for musicians for all kinds, we enforce the following guidelines.

Many of the following issues may result in listing suspension, and repeated issues may result in account suspension. Make sure to check out these potential issues before listing on Reverb, and if you're looking for more information check out in-depth articles on the various types of issues (Images, Data / Text, Items, and Actions) via the links below.

Occasionally, the Reverb Marketplace Integrity Team will suspend a listing if it doesn't follow our listing guidelines. They will always follow up with an email that details the reason for suspension and the steps that sellers can take to adjust their listings for un-suspension. Read more here.

Image Issues

Additional Pictures Needed: Very few images were provided for the listing.  We allow up to 25 images per listing, so we encourage you to upload more images to give potential buyers a better idea of what you’re selling.

Boxed or Packaged Images: Listings on Reverb must include original photos of the item taken outside of its box or packaging. The listing's description can include details stating that the package was opened solely for the purpose of the photographs.

Incorrect Images: The listing contains photos that are not representative of the item being advertised. All listings must contain photos of the actual item listed for sale.

Image Collage: This type of image is not allowed on Reverb. Reverb is unable to promote listings that use this type of image on the site or through our advertising partners.These images need to be removed or replaced with full photos of the item for sale.

Non-Original Images: The listing contains photos not supplied by the seller. Listings on Reverb may only use original images taken by the seller who is listing the item.

Partial Item Photos: The listing does not include photos of the entire item for sale.  Additional photos are needed on your listing. Buyers need to see all the details of your gear to make a confident purchase. 

People or Pets in Photos: The listing contains non-relevant images.  While we understand it can be fun to include pictures of yourself, others, or your furry friends alongside your gear, these photos prevent Reverb from being able to share or promote your listing on the site or through our advertising partners.

Photo Quality: The listing contains poor-quality photos. Clear, detailed photos can not only inspire buyer confidence and lead to faster sales, but also they can help protect you from unnecessary claims or returns. 

Placeholder Images: The listing is missing photos of the actual item for sale. All listings should display photos showing the actual product for sale.

Screenshots: This type of image is not allowed on Reverb. Screenshots created from a computer or mobile device often contain elements from the device’s user interface and are lower resolution than full size photographs.

Stock Images: The listing is missing photos of the actual item for sale.* Only authorized dealers are permitted to use stock photos on Reverb listings. All other listings must include original photos from the current owner showing the exact item for sale.

(Dealer Exception* Note: There are exceptions for manufacturers or certified dealers of the item or listed brand.)

Text or Graphics on Images: The listing contains photos with added text, borders, manufacturer logos, or other distracting alterations. Reverb listings should only include high-resolution images that keep the focus on the piece of gear for sale.

Trademark Infringement: The listing contains reproductions of trademarked material.  Due to federal trademark law, items containing copies of trademarked logo designs are not permitted on the site.

Data / Text Issues

Additional Information / Details Needed: The listing is missing important information about the item for sale. To help potential buyers feel more confident about your listing, please include all relevant information, such as sizes of drums and cymbals, speaker size and configuration in amps, serial numbers, specs, modifications, and condition details.

Contact Information Present: The listing contained personal contact information.  We require all communication about an item or sale to take place on the Reverb platform only.

Explicit / Offensive Imagery: The gear contains offensive references or imagery. Reverb is a fully inclusive international marketplace. We do our best to make sure all content on the site is accessible and appropriate for all audiences.

Inappropriate Language: The listing contains offensive language. Reverb is a fully inclusive international marketplace. We do our best to make sure all content on the site is accessible and appropriate for all audiences.

Incomplete Description: The language provided in the listing does not adequately describe the gear for sale. Listings with more detailed descriptions give potential buyers a more accurate picture of what they’re viewing, lead to faster sales, and can help you avoid unnecessary claims or returns.

Incorrect Category: The gear was listed in the wrong product category. To ensure your gear reaches the correct audience and is fully searchable on the site, it’s important that the listing matches the correct gear category within our database.

Incorrect Condition: The wrong condition was selected for the item. Based on the photos and description provided, it has been determined that the condition selected for the listing does not match the state of the product being sold.

Item Correction: This gear was listed as the wrong product.

Multiple Products: Listings that offer multiple items for individual sale are not allowed. Sellers may have multiple items bundled into a “lot” sale, however items are not allowed to be sold individually through one consolidated listing.

Multiple Product Options: The listing contains multiple product options (finishes, configurations, sizes, etc). Reverb does not currently support custom options for listings. Each listing in your shop must represent the specific item the buyer will be receiving for their purchase.

Offsite Language: The listing contains language encouraging communication outside of Reverb. We do not allow users to solicit offsite transactions on Reverb.

Trade Language: The listing contains language regarding possible trades for gear. We do not allow users to solicit gear-for-gear trades on Reverb.

Trademark Language: This listing contains trademark-infringing words or phrases. Due to federal trademark law, trademarked brand names, words, or phrases are not permitted in listings.

Unauthorized Brand New Condition: The listing is not eligible for use of the ‘Brand New’ condition.* Unless you are an authorized dealer or the item is handmade, you may not sell items listed as ‘Brand New’ on Reverb, even if the item is technically unused.

Unrelated / Unnecessary Keywords: The listing contains non-relevant brand names, words or phrases. Use of irrelevant brand names or keywords is not allowed.

Unusual / Incorrect Pricing: The listing price is higher or lower than usual.  While we do not dictate prices on Reverb, we do encourage pricing gear within a range supported by the Reverb Price Guide. Intentionally pricing outside a reasonable window (such as extreme overpricing in order to advertise a misleadingly large price drop for the item) is not allowed.

Prohibited Items and Actions

Duplicate Listings: There is already a listing for this item in your shop. Reverb prohibits duplicate listings for the same item. Ending and recreating a listing is also prohibited.

General Consumer Electronics: This type of product is not allowed on Reverb. Although we understand that these products can often be used creatively in a musical setting, Reverb is not set up to host them on the site. This means no computers, laptops, standard cameras, TVs, cell phones, etc. are permitted on Reverb.

Not Music Gear: The listed item for sale is not musical equipment. Reverb is a marketplace for buying and selling musical gear.

Recorded Music: This type of product is not allowed on Reverb. Reverb is a marketplace for music gear only and does not support the selling of CDs, cassettes, or vinyl.

Prohibited Materials: The listed item is made of or contains prohibited materials as determined by Reverb’s Listing Guidelines.  Certain materials that may be illegal or ethically questionable such as tortoise shell or ivory are not allowed to be sold on the site.

Services: Reverb does not permit special services to be sold on the site. In an effort to protect buyers and sellers on Reverb, we are unable to support cases where items are being delivered to a seller, modified, and then returned to a buyer.

Trademark Infringing Item: The design and specifications of the item violate one or more trademarks. Because construction of the item is in violation of corporate trademarks or patents, it may not be sold on Reverb due to federal trademark law.

Unauthorized Software: The listing is for the sale of a download, license transfer, or boxed software.*  The sale of used software or digital-only products is not allowed on Reverb.

Want Ad: This type of listing is not allowed on the site.  Reverb listings are explicitly reserved for sellers who have music gear for sale. We recommend adding the item you’re looking for to your Reverb Feed.  

listing.svg View Reverb's Prohibited Items Policy

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