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How can I bulk edit my listings?

Getting Started

1. Head to your Manage Inventory page.

2. Select Export Your Listings.

3. A CSV file of all your listings will be sent to your email.

Editing the CSV

1. Open CSV with Google Sheets, Excel, etc.

2. Make the desired changes.

Tip: You only need the "sku" column and whichever columns you wish to edit. For example, if you are only updating inventory, you would require the "sku" and "inventory" columns (image below).

image (3).png

Only Brand New, Mint with Inventory, or B-stock items can have more than 1 inventory.

3. Save file as CSV (comma separated value) then upload to Manage Inventory page by selecting Import CSV.

4. Once the import is finished, you'll receive an "Imports Results" confirmation email.

For any additional questions, contact our Integrations team at
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