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Can I sync variable products to Reverb from my Shopify?

We are aware of an issue regarding loading our integration app within Shopify. This issue does not affect any app functionality. If you are an existing user of the Shopify integration, please access the app directly.

Additionally, new installations of our Shopify app are temporarily disabled. Users that already have the app installed will not be affected. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Each product will need a unique SKU to be successfully updated and tracked between your Reverb and Shopify stores.

When adding product variants within the Products tab of Shopify, unique SKUs will automatically be generated for each variant.

See the following example below.

1. Input unique parent product SKU


2. Add the Variant name and Values

In this example, the seller is creating a new listing for a guitar which has 2 different finishes, Natural and Black. To do so, they will enter "Finish" for the Option name and "Natural" and "Black" for the Option values.


SKU "TEST1" will be applied to the "Natural" variant and "TEST2" will be applied to the "Black" variant. Now, both finish variants of the guitar will be able to successfully sync to Reverb as individual listings.

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