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Connecting your PayPal account to Reverb

Depending on your region and sign-up date, PayPal may not be an available payments method.

Make sure you have completed all the necessary steps within PayPal if you just set up your PayPal account. You also must grant Reverb permission to your PayPal account, so you can send and refund money without signing into PayPal. 

Signing Up with PayPal

If you just signed up for PayPal before listing an item, make sure you went through all the necessary steps to confirm your PayPal account. Follow the steps below:

  1. Check to see if you received an email from PayPal to confirm your account. Look towards the bottom of the email for the confirmation link:

  2. When you click the link, you will be redirected to PayPal’s login page. They will send you a confirmation code based on the delivery preference selected. Once signed in, PayPal will take you through the steps to set up your account if you haven’t already. We recommend setting up a credit card or bank account immediately on your PayPal account, or your money will not appear in your account.

  3. Once you’ve connected your credit card or bank account, you still need to confirm your email on the summary page. Click on the box to confirm your email. Again, your money will not be displayed until this is complete.


  4. You will be redirected to your account page to confirm the email address. You will not be able to change the email address until you have confirmed the email address entered on your account.  


  5. Once the confirmation is complete, your summary page will show the money you have waiting to transfer to the credit card or bank account.  


  6. When selling with PayPal as your accepted payment method, you will receive payment to your PayPal account once the buyer's payment has cleared. These funds may sometimes take additional time to process and show in your PayPal account, depending on your account settings. If you issue a refund to a buyer, we strongly recommend you refund through Reverb directly to avoid any delays in the refund process. We will not see the refunds immediately when they are issued through PayPal. 
You can view or change your accepted payment methods from your Shop Policies Page.

Granting Reverb Permission through PayPal

If you have a PayPal account and you want to use it as an accepted payment method on Reverb, then you will need to grant Reverb permission. As a seller, this allows you to accept payments and issue refunds on our site without having the hassle of going offsite to PayPal to handle transactions. Follow the steps below:

  1. As you set up your shop on Reverb, you can choose to pick Reverb Payments or PayPal. If you choose PayPal, you will need to verify that the email address you provide to us is accurate. You can grant permission through your Shop Settings page. Click the Grant Permission to PayPal button to set up permissions.

  2. Once you click the Grant Permission to PayPal button, you will be redirected to this page where you will grant Reverb permission. Click the Grant Permission button which will redirect you back to your Reverb Shop Policies page.


  3. After permission is granted, you can continue the process of creating a listing on the site. If you ever decide to update your email address on your PayPal account, you will have to go through this process again to verify the updated email by logging into PayPal with your updated email and grant permission.  

Updating Your PayPal email on Reverb

Once you have connected your PayPal account, you may realize that you have another account you want to use or update your email in PayPal. When this occurs, it's important to connect your new email on Reverb. This way, your Reverb account will continue to communicate to your PayPal account. Follow the steps below:

  1. If you are updating your email on PayPal, be sure to set your new email as your primary email. Click “+” to enter your new email address. You will then be able to choose which email you would like to use as your primary. The email that you want to use on Reverb must be the same as your primary set on PayPal.

    Once you have the necessary changes on PayPal, sign out of your account. (Note: this is an essential step to connect your new email on Reverb successfully.)

  2. Return to your Shop Policies page to enter a new email for PayPal. Select “Connect a Different PayPal Account” to reconnect to your PayPal account with a new email.Screen_Shot_2019-06-04_at_4.35.01_PM.png
  3. You will be redirected to Log in with PayPal first.

    Type in the email you selected as your Primary email on PayPal.

  4. You are prompted again to select “Grant Permission” to Reverb.

  5. After granting permission, you will be redirected back to Reverb and will see your revised email added under your Shop Policies.

We recommend using Reverb Payments to receive payments quickly and safely.
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