What Happens If My Account is Under Review?

If an account violates Reverb's policies or terms of use, Reverb may suspend your buying and selling privileges. If you find your account is placed under review, some features and accessibility will be suspended.

If your account is Under Review, you are unable to:

  • Make an offer
  • Counter an offer
  • Accept an offer
  • Check out
  • Send messages
  • Purchase Gift Cards
  • Verify your email 

If your account is Under Review, you can continue to:

  • Create a draft listing
  • Add something to your cart
  • Look around the site
  • Add tracking to an order
  • Update most of your account policies
  • Update your password

How can I remove the review on my account?

If you did not receive an email from Reverb Support informing you of the account review, you must submit a help request. Reverb Support is unable to discuss any account statuses in live chat or on phone calls. 

Alternatively, your account may be temporarily suspended due to an unpaid invoice. If this is the case, you should proceed to pay the invoice and your account will be reinstated. 

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