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How can I integrate Reverb with Magento 2.x?

With the free Reverb plugin for Magento 2.x, sellers can:

  • Sync inventory levels from Magento --> Reverb.
  • Sync inventory levels from Reverb --> Magento.
  • Create new listings from Magento --> Reverb.
  • Sync over all or specific listing info (title, descriptions, price, etc.).
  • Sync orders from Reverb --> Magento.
  • Sync shipment tracking from Magento --> Reverb.



  • In the Magento admin, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Reverb > Reverb Configuration.

  • Reverb Extension: Select Yes for "Enable Reverb Module" and "Enable Logging for Reverb Module".

  • Reverb Connection: Select (Production) for Sync Destination if posting to live Reverb account. Paste API Token generated under your Reverb API Settings (with all permissions checked).

  • Reverb Default:
    • Enable Listing Creation: Yes.
    • Require Reverb Category Definition: Yes.
    • Inventory Tracking: Yes.
    • Default Item Condition: Select whichever condition you list the majority of items in.
    • Accept Offers: Yes/No.
  • Listings Update Fields: This section allows you to decide which fields update on the sync cycle.
  • Listings Field Attributes: This section allows you to equate Magento product attributes with Reverb listing fields.
  • Order Sync:
    • Enable Order Sync: Yes.
    • Which orders should sync from Reverb? All (Including unpaid orders) [Recommended].
    • Magento Store to sync orders to: All Store Views [Recommended].

Category Mapping

  • In the Magento admin, go to Reverb --> Category Mapping.Snip20190412_17.png
  • Using the dropdown menus, select the corresponding Reverb Product Category for each Magento Product Type. Then, save changes.
  • Only items in categories that have been mapped to Reverb will be synced. 

Set Shipping Profiles

  • Add a Magento attribute for reverb_shipping_profile from Stores->Product. Set a default value of your most-used Shipping Profile.
  • Add a mapping from Shipping Profile to your newly created attribute in the Stores->Configuration->Reverb Configuration screen.

Start Sync

Go to the Reverb module --> Listings --> select Sync All Products to start the initial listing sync.


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