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How to Get Paid with PayPal

Depending on your region and sign-up date, PayPal may not be an available payout method.

1. Activate PayPal
2. Enter Your Tracking Information
3. How Long Does it Take to Receive my Payout?
4. I am still not seeing my Payout. What are the next steps? 

Activate PayPal:

1. Head to your Shop Settings Page
2. Click on Policies
3. Enter in your PayPal information and grant permission for PayPal to connect with Reverb
4. Select Save Changes
5. Ensure you have a billing card on file

Enter your tracking information:

1. Head to your Orders page
2. Click on Add Tracking Info or Get Shipping Label (tracking is automatically applied when Reverb Shipping Labels are purchased)
3. Select the Shipping Provider and enter the Tracking Number
4. Click Add Tracking 

How Long Does it Take to Receive my Payout?

PayPal payouts should arrive directly to your PayPal account. These funds are not processed through Reverb, so you should be checking with PayPal about locating the funds if you are not seeing them. These typically arrive pretty instantaneously. 

I am still not seeing my Payout. What are the next steps? 

1. Head to your Shop Policies page to confirm you entered the correct PayPal account (the correct email address must be entered before the order was created for the funds to fully clear)

2. Ensure the order has been paid by the buyer (buyers have 3 days to submit payment on accepted offers)

3. Contact PayPal to confirm your payout didn't go towards any negative balances within your PayPal account

4. If the payment is pending, the buyer may have submitted payment via a PayPal eCheck - or refer to the top of this article to complete the permission granting, which can delay a payout

5. If you see that you have the incorrect or misspelled PayPal email on file, please reply to the email you received from Reverb alerting you about the pending payment for your sale