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My listing was suspended for using screenshots. What does this mean?

Why don't we allow screenshots?

These types of images are typically low-resolution and do not offer buyers the opportunity to fully inspect your item for sale. Using your original photo files of the gear for sale increases buyer confidence and allows us to better promote your listings, which will increase the amount of exposure you receive.

If you've received a message from us that your listing(s) was suspended for screenshots, here are some photo examples of what we mean.



This image has the "Done" in the corner and the dots at the bottom indicating this was from a phone's image gallery view and is not the original image file.


Black bars at the top and bottom of the image also indicate screenshots, as they are added to fit the image to the phone screen.


Screenshots from other websites or sources are also not allowed.

How to fix your listing

To fix your suspended listing, upload your original image file and remove any screenshots before saving.

Once you have made the necessary edits, please respond back to the email from the Reverb Marketplace Integrity team to have it reviewed to get back on the site.

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