Does Reverb LP Integrate With Discogs?

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The free Reverb LP<>Discogs integration includes listing creation from   Discogs  -->  Reverb LP as well as 2-directional order syncing. So, when an item sells on your Reverb LP store, it will automatically be removed from your Discogs shop and vice-versa.

1. Getting Started

  • Set up your Reverb LP shop here
  • Make sure your shop currencies are the same for both your Reverb LP and Discogs shop. On Reverb, you can check this under your Shop Policies
  • If you have manually created any listings on Reverb LP for items you also have on Discogs, end those to avoid creating duplicate listings.

2. Installing the Integration

  • Go to this link: and click "Login with Reverb."                                                                                    Step_1.png
  • If prompted, log in to your Reverb account. Click the green "Authorize" button to connect your Reverb account to the integration. You should now be logged into the integration. Step_2.png
  • Click the "Discogs Connection" button in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Click the "Link Discogs Account" button. Step_3.png
  • If prompted, log in to your Discogs account. Click the "Authorize" button to connect your Discogs account to the integration.Step_4.png

3. Enabling the Integration

  • Go to the Settings tab and enable both toggles. 
  • Click "Settings Update" to start the sync. Step_7.png

4. Tips and Tricks:

Important: When removing an item on Discogs, make sure to "Unlist" rather than "Delete." This allows the integration to track the change and "End" the listing on Reverb LP in response. Items that are "Deleted" instead of "Unlisted" will NOT be removed from your Reverb LP shop through the sync.

  • It typically takes 24 hours between when a listing is created on Discogs and when it populates into the corresponding Reverb LP shop, so don't be alarmed if your listings don't show up on Reverb right away. The sync may take up to 48 hours, depending on volume.
  • Inventory changes from orders sync approximately every 30 minutes.
  • With the sync enabled, avoid makes any manual changes or CSV imports to your Reverb LP listings.


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