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Automatic US Tax Calculation

How Does Reverb Assist with US Tax Collection?
What do sellers need to do?
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How Does Reverb Assist with US Tax Calculation?
For all US states that you've set up tax policies in, Reverb will automatically calculate tax rates starting on July 8th, 2019. No action is required on your part as a seller. All states that you currently have tax policies in will automatically switch to Reverb's tax calculation system, which will apply the correct rate at a county level for you. 

What do sellers need to do?
After July 8th, if you add additional states in which you collect taxes from your Tax Policy Settingsyou'll no longer need to manually enter a tax rate. Simply select states to start collecting in and click "Add Tax Policy".

Additional Information:
To learn more about tax collection threshold for different states, please refer to this state-by-state breakdown of Economic Nexus thresholds provided by our tax partner Avalara.

For tax advice, you should contact a tax professional. 

To learn how to setup your Tax Policies, you can refer to our guide here

To learn about Reverb Sales Tax Information, you can refer to this article here.