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How do offers work on Reverb?

Quick answer

Just like negotiating with someone at a real marketplace, you can make an offer to a seller if you want to try to get the item at a lower price than it's listed for.

Select Make an offer on a listing to start. After you submit an offer, sellers have 24 hours to accept, decline or counter.

How to make an offer:

  1. Select the Make an Offer button on the listing.
  2. Select your Shipping to location to ensure shipping rates are accurate.
  3. Enter your offer amount.
  4. Include a message to the seller if you would like.
  5. Choose I agree to pay if my offer is accepted.
  6. Select Submit Offer.
• Even if you have a pending offer with a seller, other Reverb users can still make offers at the same time or purchase it at any time for the full listing price.

• Sale discounts and free 2-day shipping do not apply to offers.

Immediate payment offers

Note: This feature is not available on the Reverb app and is currently only available to select buyers and sellers located in the US.

With immediate payment offers, you can choose to be charged immediately when a seller accepts your offer. In order to use this feature, you must have a credit card and address on file.

When making an offer, select if you’d like to pay immediately by choosing Charge my account automatically if the offer gets accepted under Choose when you’ll pay.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 2.39.27 PM.png

Select the credit card you want to use and the address you want the item shipped to. At this time, only credit card payments can be used to pay immediately on an accepted offer.

If your payment method fails, you will have 24 hours to resubmit payment from your Cart. During that time, the item will remain off the market to the rest of the Reverb community.

What happens after an offer is submitted?

Sellers have 24 hours to accept, decline or counter the offer. If the 24 hours pass without the seller responding, the offer will expire.

Can an offer be canceled?

If you made an offer in error, the best thing to do is select the Message Seller button on the listing to provide the seller with some insight and ask that they no longer consider the offer.

Once an offer is submitted, there is no way to cancel or retract it. Prior to making an offer, it's always best to review the listing and Shop Policies thoroughly to make sure you're ready to purchase.

Are you required to make a purchase if your offer is accepted?

Yes, once your offer is accepted, or you accept a seller's counteroffer, the listing will be considered purchased to you. You will get an email notification as well as an "Unpaid Order" notification in the upper right-hand corner of Reverb and the item will be placed in your shopping cart to submit payment.

Once the offer is accepted, we allow buyers 72 hours to submit payment. It is important to message the seller with any delays on payment.

What happens If you don't pay for your accepted offer?

Abandoning orders after your offer is accepted creates extremely frustrating experiences for sellers, so Reverb frowns upon it strongly. Buyers with multiple abandoned orders are subject to account suspension. Please only make an offer on an item you intend on following through with your purchase.

Offers on the Reverb app

You can complete the full Offer process on the most current version of the Reverb App on both Android and iOS. This should mirror the web experience above.

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You are able to message sellers via the pages above to re-negotiate or get back in touch.

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