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I Use Reverb Sites. Are Taxes Handled Differently for Orders on my Website?

Update: As of April 30th, 2021, Reverb Sites is no longer supported. Any questions or concerns regarding Reverb Sites can be directed to

Yes. Reverb’s collecting and remitting for marketplace facilitator states does not apply to Reverb Sites Orders. You are able to add or remove marketplace facilitator state taxes for Reverb Sites within your Tax Policies.

This will allow you to collect these taxes directly from your Reverb Sites Orders, or remove them from being applied. 

Please note: Reverb Sites is a separate product from the core Reverb marketplace. Although Reverb Sites are powered by Reverb technology, the actual site is owned and operated by the user. Accordingly, responsibilities such as sales tax must be handled by the owner individually.

How to Add Reverb Sites Taxes: 
1. Head to your Tax Policies page
2. Select the State from the drop-down menu
3. Select "Add Tax Policy" 

How to Remove Reverb Sites Taxes: 
1. Head to your Tax Policies page
2. Navigate to the "Taxes in Additional States" section
3. Select "(delete)" if you want to remove those states from your Sites tax policies 

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