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How do I change my shipping label information on Reverb?

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Your shipping label details can be viewed and modified in your Orders page. Go to the specific order and edit the tracking information or cancel the label (if it has not been scanned). If the buyer’s shipping address needs to be updated, follow these steps.

To edit an order's tracking information:

  1. Head to your Orders page and locate the order.
  2. Choose the order that needs to be edited.
  3. Once you are on the specific order page, select Edit Tracking Info under Shipping Details.
  4. Make sure to inform the buyer via Reverb messages and you are all set.

To cancel or void a shipping label on Reverb:

This function is only available to users in the USA and is not currently available on the Reverb app.

  1. Head to your Orders page.
  2. Locate the Order.
  3. Select Cancel Label*.

Once your label is canceled, you'll be able to purchase a new one, and the cost of the initial label will be refunded. Depending on when the label is canceled, the cost of the canceled label will be initiated as a separate payment, canceled out all together or credited to your statement.

*Please note: Reverb can only cancel shipping labels if the package has not yet been scanned by the carrier. The cancel button will not appear if the label is unable to be canceled.

To cancel or void a Packlink shipping label:

Packlink is only available to users in the EU and UK.

  1. Log into your Packlink account and look up the label under the Ready For Shipping tab.
  2. Go to the shipment you want to cancel.
  3. Select the Cancel Shipping Label button on the right side.

It can take a few days for the status on the label to be updated, but you will not be charged for the label if you cancel and it hasn’t been used.

To change the shipping address on your sale:

After you sell an item, Reverb Support can edit the buyer's address if the zip code and city match what was provided on the original order. If you need to change the address to a different zip code, follow the steps outlined below under Changing a shipping address to one with a different postal code.

Due to state sales tax requirements, Reverb will need to manually update address information.

Changing a shipping address to one with the same postal code:

If the buyer is located outside of the US, the following steps also apply.

  1. Respond to the buyer to let them know you've received their request.
  2. Contact Reverb Support with the order number and information on the address changes.
  3. Our Support Team will update the shipping address.

Changing a shipping address to one with a different postal code:

  1. Respond to the buyer to let them know you've received their request.
  2. Initiate a refund on the order with the reason Change shipping address.
  3. After the order has been refunded in full, contact Reverb Support. Make sure to provide us the order number and the new shipping address for the order.
  4. We will recreate the original order at the same price, and the new order will automatically appear on your Orders page.
  5. After this is complete, let the buyer know they can now resubmit payment from their Cart.
If no tracking information has been added and/or no payment has been disbursed on the order, sellers are not charged anything for this full refund. Additionally, there are no fees charged for this action.

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