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What should I do if a buyer reports issues on an order?

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We recommend double checking your return policy at the time of purchase to make sure the buyer is within the appropriate window. If the item arrived damaged or not as described, you should first collect photos and/or videos from the buyer via Reverb messages. If the damage was caused by shipping, read more about filing a Safe Shipping claim or how to handle claims when Safe Shipping wasn’t used.

Steps for reviewing a refund request:

1. Review your return policy to evaluate whether the buyer is eligible. If the buyer has reached out within the days allotted for a return, you are expected to accept their request under the terms of your policy. If the buyer has requested a return outside of the allotted time to do so, let them know and politely decline their request.

Outside of your individual Shop Policies, buyers are protected by our Reverb Buyer Protection on anything that arrives damaged or not as described as long issues are brought to the attention of Reverb or the seller within 7 days of delivery. This also includes orders that were paid by the buyer but not shipped out within our 3 business day time-frame.

We expect sellers to accept a return for a full refund if the above criteria are met. If your order was not shipped out within 3 business days of the buyer submitting payment and they request a refund, you would need to honor their refund request.

2. If the buyer is eligible for a return, be sure to select Approve after return of item.

3. Once you have the item back, or the claim has been approved by the carrier, select Review & Complete Refund to issue the buyer’s refund.

Review & Complete Refund

If the buyer does file a support ticket with Reverb, our support team will contact you via email to discuss the case and provide the next steps.

If you have a ticket open with Reverb Support, it is always best to communicate directly through that email thread. Reaching out via live chat may delay the timeline in which we can assist you if an email thread is already active.

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