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How do I buy a Reverb shipping label?

As soon as you make your sale and your buyer has completed their payment, you can head to your orders page to create a packing slip and shipping label. All you have to do from there is drop your package off at the post office.

To buy a Reverb shipping label:

  1. Locate the order on your Orders page.
  2. Select the green Get Shipping Label button.
  3. Enter the weight and dimensions of the package.
  4. Select to include a signature requirement and Reverb Safe Shipping.*
  5. Click Review Rates.
  6. Select the shipping method of your choice.
  7. Once you make your choice, tracking will automatically be added to the order and sent to the buyer.

*Reverb Safe Shipping is required when purchasing a Reverb shipping label for items with a sale price between $1500 USD and $10,000 USD. Neither Safe Shipping nor Reverb Shipping Labels are available for items with a sale price of $10,000 or more. The maximum declared value for an international shipment is $2,500.

Don't have a printer? We've made it even easier to ship USPS with Reverb Shipping Labels. Instead of printing a label at home, click Send QR Code on your Order page to receive a QR code via email. Your local USPS office can scan the code, print the label, affix it to the package, and induct it into the system for processing.


* not available for shipments that require customs forms

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