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How do refunds work on Marketplace Facilitator Taxed orders?

Reverb refunds taxes on refunded orders where the taxes were collected & remitted from Marketplace Facilitator States.

For fully refunded orders:

As a buyer, the full tax amount will be refunded back to you.

As a seller, you will only be able to select up to the pre-tax amount to refund on Reverb. When the full pre-tax order total is refunded, Reverb refunds back the taxes charged to the buyer.

For partially refunded orders:

Reverb pro-rates the tax amount on partial refunds. We will automatically calculate the appropriate tax amount that needs to be refunded.

As a seller, simply issue the agreed-upon refund amount and the pro-rated tax amount will be refunded to the buyer by Reverb.

billing.svg Full list of states that Reverb collects & remits taxes on

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