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What are the steps of getting a refund or return started?

To get a return started with your seller:

  1. Gather photos and videos of any issues once they are encountered and message the seller on Reverb with that information. Our team can see all messages, expediting a resolution if our involvement is needed.
  2. Request a refund on the order.
  3. 🕑 Allow the seller 24 hours to respond to this request.
  4. Once approved, ship the item back to the seller (unless a partial refund or other arrangements were discussed). Be sure to confirm the seller's return address with them prior to shipping.
  5. Once the item is back in the seller's possession, your refund should be initiated in 48 hours. This allows for the seller to inspect the item and make sure it arrives back as described.
If the seller remains unresponsive to your messages and refund requests after 24 hours, you can contact Reverb Support to step in and assist.

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