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International buying guide

Getting a piece of gear shipped from outside of your country for the first time may seem like a stressful experience. Not to fret, Reverb has you covered! This article explains what you need to help make this experience go smoothly and focus on playing your new gear.

The shipping process

How much will shipping cost?

Most sellers have their international shipping rates noted directly on the listing page itself. It is always recommended to message the seller before you purchase to confirm the costs based on your specific location. This is especially important if you prefer a certain carrier to be used, as the rates may vary.

What shipping carrier will be used?

A good first step is to check the Payments & Returns tab on the listing itself. This is where the seller would specify which carrier they use. Not listed? Send a quick message to the seller to inquire about this using the “Message Seller” button. 

If you do not have any preferred shipping carrier that you discuss with the seller, the carrier used will be decided by the seller.

Tip: Be aware that, albeit a valid option for domestic shipping, postal services (USPS (US), Canada Post (CAD), Royal Mail (UK), La Poste/Colissimo/Chronopost (FR),  Poste Italiane (IT), etc) are not international carriers and would forward your order to another postal service when your shipment is crossing borders. This includes shipments within the EU.

When possible, with your seller's agreement, favor a specialized international service for these benefits:

  • Avoid the stress of a long shipping.
  • Ensure that you will have access to a reliable tracking and delivery proof.
  • Obtain a faster custom clearance.
  • Benefit from a careful handling of packages with fragile gear and instrument.
  • Have access to an efficient customer support to locate parcels and process claims in case there is any delay. In that respect, UPS or Fedex tend to show the best results.

Where is my package?

Once you have paid for your order and your seller has uploaded tracking information within Reverb, you will be notified via email that your order has been shipped. This information will also be available via your Purchases page. You can use this page to keep track of your parcel.

What should I do if the tracking information is unclear?

Depending on the shipping carrier used by the seller, the tracking link may not redirect you to the carrier tracking itself. You can go to the carrier site directly and search the provided tracking number to see if that provides a result or use this convenient universal tracker to retrieve information associated with your tracking number. If there is still any confusion, the first thing you will want to do is message the seller directly.

Please allow the seller 48 hours to respond to your message.

Why did my seller ask me for my Tax ID number?

Some international carriers that provide door-to-door shipping service require sellers to enter the buyer's identification number for customs clearance. Learn more about these requirements from US Customs and UPS.

Import fees & currency conversion

Will I pay import fees?

If your shipping address is located outside the seller’s border-based trade entity (e.g. EU import of US items), you will be subject to import duties and taxes. These costs are not included in your Reverb order and will be billed to you by the transporter during the customs clearance process or upon delivery.

You can check out the links below for more specific information on Custom Duties:
>Europe - United Kingdom -  France - Germany - United States - Canada

Important to note:

  • Paying import duties and taxes are a legal requirement for all transactions taking place outside your border-based trade entity
  • Failure to declare the correct value of your item in the Import Form exposes you to i) a return to sender, ii) a delayed import and possibly a confiscation, iii) an erroneous billing which would be impossible to dispute without declaring the true value of your order's item
  • Reverb would not be able to fully protect you as a buyer if the delivery fails due to a wrongful value declaration at your request or with your consent.

What if I return an item? Can I get the import fees refunded?

In the event you are sending your item back to your seller and they have approved a return, you can inquire to the transporter who charged you the custom duties and taxes about the possibility of having those refunded.

You can read more about this below:

EuropeUnited Kingdom - France - Germany - United States - Canada

Will I have to pay a currency conversion fee?

If you are purchasing from a shop that lists their items in a currency other than yours, there will be a foreign currency conversion rate applied. The conversion rate is the result of the base exchange rate and the conversion fee.

To decide how the conversion rate will apply to your Reverb purchase, you have 2 options:

  1. Complete the purchase with your primary currency. Reverb is the one who will apply the conversion rate (conversion fees around 4-5%) and this will reflect on your order and during the offer process.
  2. Select your currency filter to match the seller's currency and complete the purchase. If you go this route, it will be your bank who will apply the conversion rate. You can contact your bank directly to inquire about their rate.
Regardless of the method chosen to apply the conversion rate, conversion fees cannot be reversed in the case of a refund.
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