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How can I submit my tax exempt information?

This article only pertains to users in the USA. Read more about international taxes.

Quick answer

If you are tax exempt as a buyer, you can email with your documentation attached. The required documentation differs for buyers seeking tax exemption and resellers seeking tax exemption.

Tax Exempt Buyers

For users applying for tax exemption, who do not plan on selling the item afterward, please attach a 501(c)(3) letter. Make sure you also provide your FEIN or EIN number.

Additionally, make sure your Reverb account's email address uses your organization's contact email, and your default Reverb address matches the street address of the tax exempt location.

Tax Exempt Resellers

In most states, a resale certificate will suffice for tax exemption. However, there are exceptions with certain states. If you are unsure of your state's requirements, we can provide a form for you to complete in order to move forward with claiming your resale exemption.

Reverb may ask you to update your tax exemption documents if necessary via your email address on file.

Please do not submit the following documentation:

  • Business license
  • License to collect tax
Your exemption status cannot be retroactively applied to orders which have already been paid for. If you need to be refunded tax on a previous order, you will need to request a full refund from the seller. If they agree to the refund, we can create a new order for you (preserving your original negotiation, if applicable) with the tax removed. Make sure you receive confirmation from Reverb Support that this has been completed before resubmitting payment.

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