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How Can I Change the Shipping Address on My Order?

Changes can only be made to a shipping address if the zip code and state match what was provided on the original order.*

Due to state sales tax requirements, Reverb will need to manually update this information. 

If you have made a purchase using Reverb Payments and you need to update or edit your shipping address provided, there are a few steps you need to take:

  1. Message the seller right away to ensure the item is not shipped to the incorrect address.

  2. Once the seller is notified and has approved of the changes, you will need to contact Reverb Support with the order number and information on the address changes.

*Should anything else need to be changed, the seller will need to issue a refund. Once the order has been fully refunded, please contact Reverb Support to create a new order with the correct shipping address and updated sales tax amount. At that point, you will be able to submit payment for the order using your updated shipping address.

Please note: When using Apple Pay or Android Pay, the shipping address they have on file will automatically be applied to your Reverb order. You will need to edit this information within their platform directly before submitting payment on Reverb. In the event you have already placed an order with an incorrect shipping address, please contact Reverb Support.

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