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How to manage your shop during a personal or public emergency

We understand that emergencies can affect your Reverb Shop and shipping timelines. If you think you’ll be unable to fulfill orders or will be away from your shop for any reason, there are steps you can take and Reverb features you can use to minimize disruption.

Communicate with your buyers as much as possible

If you think you may be unable to fulfill an order within Reverb’s three business day shipping timeline (or your shop's personal expedited shipping timelines), be as transparent as possible with your buyers. Most buyers are very understanding of delays as long as communication happens as quickly as possible.

You can send your buyer a message to alert them of possible shipping delays. If the buyer is not willing to wait, you can issue a refund on the order and re-list the item once you have more time available to fulfill the order.

A little help from your friends

If you manage your Reverb shop on your own, consider educating a relative or friend to help you. You can ask for help with shipping orders, handling refunds, or responding to messages to ensure your buyers are kept in the loop about their purchase. Make sure to also use our Help Center, which covers the most common questions that might arise. 

Don’t be afraid to hit pause

Reverb makes it easy to temporarily suspend your listings if you go out of town or have an unexpected emergency. With a click of a button, you can enable this feature to hide your listings. Simply turn Vacation Mode off once you are ready to start selling again.

Be aware of shipping carrier delays

In the event of a public emergency that impacts shipping carriers, it’s best to get in contact with the carrier directly to see if there are any potential delays. Since Reverb is not the shipper, you will need to contact your local shipping branch to get specific details that you can relay to the buyer.

As always, if you have any additional questions, our Reverb Support team is here to help. You can submit a help request via the link below, and we will have one of our agents follow up as soon as possible.

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