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Bulk-Update SKUs via CSV Imports

Updating SKUs in bulk can be a useful tool when you decide to start using an integration for the first time or if you are preparing to import a large inventory via CSV and would like to make sure there are no duplicate SKUs within your listings. 

1. Export your listings from your Listings page. Make sure that you have selected “All Categories” under Categories and “All” under Status before requesting the CSV export.


2. To make the document easier to manage, delete all columns to the right of the “sku” column. 

3. Insert a column to the right of the “sku” column and add the text “OLD-” to all cells within this column. You can do this quickly by writing it in the first top cell and then copying and pasting it to the entire column. 


 4. Insert another column to the right of the “OLD-” column. In the first top cell, write the header “updated_sku”. Make sure it is all lower case.


Now, you have to use a formula so that the text “OLD-” is added as a prefix before the current SKU number within all the cells of the updated_sku column. To do this, we will use the formula: =concat(column 1, column 2). Here are the detailed steps: 

  • In the second cell of the updated_sku column, start typing “=Concat(”. 


  • Once you get to the open parenthesis, you will be able to select the first value. To do this, click on the column that contains the text “OLD-”. 


  • Add a coma, select the column “sku” and close the parenthesis. 


  • Press enter. 


  • Copy the cell that currently has the formula and paste it to the rest of the column. All the cells should be filled with their respective current sku and the prefix “OLD-”.


5. Select all the cells in this column except the header and copy.


6. Keep the entire column selected and paste the values in the same place within the column using the option “Paste values only.” This will remove the formula and leave the new SKUs as a series of characters.


7. Delete the column “OLD-”. 


8. Export the document as CSV.

9. Head over to your Manage Inventory page and upload the new CSV. 

 10. Once the upload is completed, all your SKUs should be updated. 

Please note: SKUs in the "ordered" status will not be updated. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to