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How are signature requirements for deliveries changing during COVID-19?

At the moment, most shipping carriers have not removed the option for a signature requirement but have altered the way they handle acquiring signatures from the recipient. 

United States

“In the interest of employee and customer safety, UPS’s Signature Required guidelines are temporarily being adjusted such that consignees will no longer need to sign for UPS Signature Required deliveries. Despite this adjusted process the driver will still need to make contact with the consignee. The consignee must, at the time of delivery, acknowledge that UPS is making a delivery and, if applicable, show government issued photo ID.” - Read more via UPS

Canada Post has changed their policy regarding signature requirements. Read here for the most current information.

European Union

“Customers are no longer obliged to sign for deliveries, with the exception of some specialized deliveries where we have a contractual obligation to get a signature.” - Read more via UPS

Tip: If a buyer is uncomfortable signing for a package, most delivery drivers can (upon request) assist with signing on the recipient's behalf

If you come across any issues on orders related to a signature requirement change, you can contact our Customer Experience team to assist.

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