How can I schedule a pickup with a shipping carrier?

Most shipping carriers offer pickup services so you can avoid going to the physical carrier location to drop off your package. Below are steps you can take to complete this via UPS & USPS.


  1. Log in or create an account here
  2. Head to 'Shipping' -> 'Schedule a Pickup'
  3. If you've already created a shipping label through Reverb, select 'Yes' to 'Do you have a pre-printed UPS Shipping Label?'
    1. Enter tracking numbers in the box, separated by commas, no spaces
    2. Fill in pickup location info
    3. Fill in the number of packages to be picked up
    4. Select pickup time


  1. Schedule a pickup here
  2. Enter the address to confirm if service is available
  3. Enter where you will leave the packages
  4. Service should be free to pick up during regular mail delivery or you can pick up at a specific time for $24
  5. There is also a premium pick-up on-demand feature available


LaPoste is currently offering free, no-contact pickup solutions for small parcels. More info can be found here.

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