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International shipping guide

Expanding your shipping options to regions outside of your country greatly increases your chances of a quick sale on Reverb and can assist with growing your shop’s exposure and sale volume. While shipping internationally may seem like a stressful endeavor, our team has provided tips and guidance to help make your sales go smoothly.

Why should I sell internationally?
What shipping carrier should I use?
Shipping service and protection
Communication is key

Why should I sell internationally?

  • If you take the time to set a simple and clear international shipping policy, you will attract more buyers.

  • You will quickly find more buyers for transactions that will be as easy as your domestic sales.

  • Successful international sales lead to great feedback - boosting your visibility and reputation on the site, and you may discover an unexpected path to expand your business.

Tip: Your international buyers pay the shipping rates entered on the listing during checkout. Try to choose the best shipping service for the smoothest transaction. If your buyer has additional questions on what international buying entails, we have that covered for them in our International Buying Guide.

What shipping carrier should I use?

In our experience, UPS or FedEx provide a smooth and successful experience for international shipping (e.g. US-to-EU shipping).

Please note that some carriers do not specialize in international shipments and will forward your package to another postal service for cross-border transport (including shipments within the EU).

  • These carriers include: USPS, Canada Post, La Poste, Colissimo, Chronopost, Royal Mail, Parcelforce, Deutschepost, Poste Italiane & PostNL.

We would advise you to avoid those as well as DHL and cheaper carriers/contractors (Mondospedizioni - Italy; Mondial Relay, Upela -  France; Hermes, Parcel2Go - UK). 

Benefits of using a specialized international shipping service:

  • Avoid the stress of long shipping timelines
  • Ensure that you will have access to reliable tracking and delivery proof
  • Obtain a faster customs clearance
  • Benefit from the careful handling of packages with fragile gear and instruments
  • Get access to more efficient customer support to locate parcels and process claims in case there are any issues/delays

Can I use a Reverb Shipping Label?

If you are located in the US, you can buy your shipping label with Reverb and opt for Safe Shipping.

Shipping service & protection

Shipping internationally can seem like a costly and risky pursuit, but it is actually quite the opposite. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You will receive the same great Reverb Protection as your domestic orders. Keeping your communication and transaction all on Reverb will provide you with the safest selling experience.

  • The shipping is paid by your buyer, so if priced correctly on the listing, this will not cost any more than a domestic order.

  • You are the one protected by the carrier if the shipping fails or the package is damaged (if safe shipping or carrier insurance is purchased) - so include these costs in your shipping rate.

  • Unless you use Reverb Safe Shipping, you would be the one handling the claim in the rare event something goes wrong during transit. The better and more specialized the service is, the higher chance your sale will be a walk in the park. It is worth it to invest in a better service and include this in your shipping rate.

  • Please note: The maximum reimbursement will not exceed the declared value of the item on the label.

TIP: Try to use a professional international shipping service. The vast majority of international buyers prefer to pay higher shipping costs for stress-free shipping.

Communication is key

As with all sales on Reverb, communication is very important when working with a new buyer and helping your next sale go seamlessly. With that said, there are a few things we would recommend for higher success with international sales:

  • Note your elected shipping service in your shop policies/listing descriptions
  • Remain flexible on any discussions regarding those details if a potential buyer messages you

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