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My package is delayed or lost, what should I do next?

As fellow musicians, we know that waiting for your gear to arrive can bring anticipation and questions on when to reach out to Reverb or the shipping carrier to file a claim. The majority of packages are delivered to their final destination albeit some delays in scans and extended shipping times.

When should I reach out?

For domestic shipments, we would ask that you wait 14 days from the last carrier scan to reach out to Reverb. For international shipments, we would ask that you wait 30 days from the last carrier scan to reach out to Reverb.

The timelines above are when we can file lost package claims with the shipping carriers on shipping labels purchased on Reverb, so please make sure to only reach out after the above times are met.

If the seller is in the EU or UK and purchased a shipping label through our partner, Packlink, a claim must be submitted within 30 days of the shipment's collection/drop-off date. Read more information on Packlink's shipping claim timelines here.

If a non-Reverb shipping label was used on your order, the seller will need to contact the carrier directly. If you are the buyer, contact your seller directly to get this process started.

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