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European Union P2B (platform-to-business) regulation on Reverb

P2B, or Platform-to-Business, is a regulation enacted by the European Union to further protect its citizens data, aimed at increasing fairness and transparency from online platforms.

Does P2B apply only to EU sellers?

Yes, P2B is a regulation that relates to sellers in the EU.

How is Reverb Adapting to this change?

In an effort to be as fair and transparent as possible, Reverb has put a lot of work into updating our agreement with users of Reverb to explain these changes. Reverb Terms & Policies are readily available in the footer of and cover our full list of policies for our users and platform. 

If an account violates Reverb’s Terms & Policies, Reverb may suspend your buying and selling privileges. 

How is this regulation going to impact EU sellers?

In the majority of situations, Reverb will alert (via email) users of actions impacting their listings or account. It is important to note that we may not provide a notification if we have legal or regulatory reasons that prevent us from doing so, or if a user has been removed from the platform due to violations of our policies.

Reverb will properly consider P2B inquiries in accordance with the regulation, and will process them within a reasonable frame of time, while considering the importance and complexity of the issue. We will provide a response regarding the outcome where appropriate and not restricted by legal or regulatory reasons. If we determine that an action was taken as a result of an error, the action will be reversed as soon as possible.

What if my account or listing is removed/suspended by Reverb in error?

Sellers in the EU that believe an action that Reverb has taken on their shop, account, or listing was the result of an error should respond to the email notification they received, unless directed otherwise within the email. Email notifications about a final decision regarding an enforcement action or appeal will generally state that the decision may not be reconsidered. 

I’m an EU seller and have concerns related to P2B. How can I contact Reverb?

If you are a seller based in the EU and have concerns related to P2B, please submit a help request with Reverb Support.

EU sellers may review our Terms of Use to see additional information relevant to the P2B Regulation.

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