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How do I set up a shipping profile to include combined shipping?

Shipping Profiles are a crucial element of our Combined Shipping feature. Whether you are a larger seller with a lot of listings, you already have Shipping Profiles in place, or you just want to edit more listings in bulk, there are a few steps you can take to make this transition more seamless. 

Create Custom Shipping Profiles for Combined Shipping

  1. Head to your Shipping page.
  2. Select Create New Profile or click this link.
  3. Select Enable Combine & Save Shipping.
  4. Enter in your Combined Shipping rates under Combine & Save Rate.
  5. Enter all other necessary information.
  6. Select Save Profile.

Utilizing CSVs to Apply Combined Shipping in Bulk

If you are a seller with a lot of live listings or you just wish to edit more listings in bulk, our Manage Inventory page is where you will want to start. The rest of this article will outline how to utilize CSVs to complete the rest of this process.

How to Export Your Listings

  1. Head to your Manage Inventory page.
  2. Select Export Your Listings.
  3. Check the email address associated with your Reverb account and open the email labeled Your Reverb listings export is here!.
  4. Select Download Export within the email above.
Now that you have your exported CSV, you can begin to either add in your Combined Shipping Profiles or edit your existing Shipping Profiles.

How to Apply/Edit your Combined Shipping Profiles to your CSV

  1. Open the CSV you received from the steps above.
  2. Locate the column labeled shipping_profile_name.
  3. Fill in the Shipping Profile name you wish to use.
  4. Save the CSV (choose a file name you will remember).
Tip: You can filter your CSV to view by "product_type" to quickly find relevant listings to apply Shipping Profiles to. Copy & Paste is your friend!

How to Import Your New CSV to Apply to Your Listings

Now that you have created your new Combined Shipping Profiles, exported your CSV, applied/edited your Combined Shipping Profiles, and saved the new CSV, it's time to get these profiles live!

  1. Head to your Manage Inventory page.
  2. Select Choose CSV File.
  3. Open the new CSV file with your Shipping Profiles applied.
  4. You will now receive another email letting you know if the import was a success or if there were any errors in the process.

You are now all set! Enjoy the benefits of Combined Shipping and feel free to follow these steps at any point to add/edit any Shipping Profiles.

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