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How can I purchase Packlink shipping labels on Reverb?

Reverb Sellers in the EU and UK have the ability to purchase shipping labels at a discounted rate through our partner, Packlink.

Creating/Linking an Account

You can register for a Packlink account via the Shipping page in your Shop Settings. This will allow you to create a new Packlink account or link an existing one to Reverb.

For iOS app users, choose Edit Shipping Policy within your Shop Settings. This page is not currently available on the Android App.

If you already have a Packlink account, make sure to select the country that is identified in the Packlink URL you use to log in.

After linking a new or existing Packlink account to your Reverb account, order information will be sent over to Packlink once an order is in a Ready To Ship status. In addition, tracking information on purchased labels will then be sent back to Reverb and automatically applied to the order.

The green Edit Shipping Label button on your Orders page indicates that the order data has been sent back to Packlink. After selecting “Edit Shipping Label”, you will be taken to your Packlink account where you can verify and edit the shipping information as needed.

Creating a Shipping Label

When creating a shipping label via Packlink you will need to:

  • Enter the weight of the package
  • Enter the dimensions of the package
  • Verify the postal code and country you will be sending from

After selecting Get Rates, you can review rates, insurance options, and services available and book your shipment.

Next, you will need to enter all address details and choose whether you want to add insurance. Payment can be made with PayPal or credit card.

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