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How to set up free shipping thresholds

Reverb offers sellers the ability to set shop-level dollar thresholds for Free Shipping.

What does this mean?
If buyers in your domestic shipping region purchase at or above your selected dollar threshold, they will have free shipping automatically applied.

This is a great way to encourage buyers to purchase multiple items from your shop, get extra visibility on your listings, and save yourself time as a seller. 

How to Set Up

  1. Head to your Shipping page.
  2. Select Set a Free Domestic Shipping Threshold Amount.
  3. On the following page, enter the dollar amount of your choice.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Once in place, you will see a new info box with your custom threshold.

How to Edit Shipping Thresholds

  1. Head to your Shipping page.
  2. Select Edit next to your current threshold.
  3. Adjust the new Threshold Amount.
  4. Select Submit.
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