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New requirements for orders shipped to the EU

The European Union introduced two new customs requirements that went into effect on July 1, 2021. You’ll need to add a tariff code to your shipping label any time you ship an order to the EU. Additionally, you'll need to submit Reverb’s IOSS number (we’ll explain what this is and how you may use it below) to your shipping carrier electronically for any orders under 150€. 

What’s a tariff code? 

It’s a series of numbers added to a shipping label that let customs know what kind of item is being imported. Tariff codes differ based on the kind of product being shipped. 

View the list of tariff codes for different categories of gear on Reverb.

Packages shipped without a tariff code or with an incorrect tariff code may be delayed by customs or returned to you. 

What’s an IOSS number?

Reverb collects import VAT on physical goods shipped to the EU with a value under 150€. You’ll need to share Reverb’s IOSS number electronically with your shipping carrier so customs knows that VAT was collected on the order. You may use Reverb’s IOSS number only for this purpose.

Where do I find Reverb's IOSS number?

You can find the IOSS number in your order details on any order where VAT was collected by Reverb—it’s important not to write it on your packages and instead share it with the carrier electronically so that the buyer isn’t charged VAT twice. Learn more.

Reverb is here to help, but we can’t offer specific tax or legal advice. If you have questions about the tariff codes or VAT for your products, we recommend contacting a tax professional.

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