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How do return shipping labels work for sellers on Reverb?

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If you are located in the US, you can purchase a return shipping label from your Orders page. Return shipping labels are provided by the seller in situations where the item arrived damaged or not as described when the return is taking place within your policy window. If the item arrived as you described it, but the buyer wants to return it within your policy, the buyer will need to supply their own return shipping label.

Sellers purchasing return shipping labels on Reverb:

This should be done if the item arrived damaged or not as described to the buyer. If you purchased a shipping label on Reverb with Safe Shipping, contact Reverb Support to begin a claim.

    1. Head to your Orders page.

    2. Conditionally Approve the buyer's refund. (Select Approve after return of item on the refund form).
      Response: Approve after return of item

    3. Select the new option on the order to Purchase Return Label.

    4. Add your return address, package dimensions, and choose to add Safe Shipping or signature requirements.

      Shipping Options selection

    5. Review available rates, select your pick, and choose Purchase Shipping Label.

    6. You're all set! The buyer will receive an email with the return shipping label and can also find it on their Purchases page.
This feature is not yet available on the Reverb app, but is available via your mobile web browser.

Buyers purchasing return shipping labels on Reverb:

This should be done if the buyer is returning an item that arrived as described and you have approved a return. 

Return shipping labels are not available for our buyers to directly purchase on Reverb, however, buyers can contact Reverb Support to get one. The buyer must have a shop profile set up with a billing card on file so our team can add the return shipping label to their billing statement.

Pro tip: We recommend confirming your return address with the buyer before they ship the item back to you.
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