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How much should I charge for shipping?

You can utilize our Reverb Shipping Label Estimators below to get an idea of how much shipping may cost.

Please note: These are only estimates for a cost of a shipping label purchased from Reverb. They do not include the cost of packaging, packing services, Reverb Safe Shipping, or Signature Required.

expedited-shipping-shield-d9626c76bf6fa5ab179976e50b36d076b6b48beff31c48b5116ce5f4f54b4155.svg Reverb Shipping Label Estimator

expedited-shipping-shield-d9626c76bf6fa5ab179976e50b36d076b6b48beff31c48b5116ce5f4f54b4155.svg Reverb International Shipping Label Estimator 

How does it work?

Our Shipping Label Estimators calculate the farthest distance the package can travel within your selected region from your zip code. The shipping cost provided is based on our discounted shipping labels, but it is just an estimate.

Once your listing sells, you'll have the option to purchase one of our discounted shipping labels directly from your Orders Page.

Pro tip: We always suggest over-estimating the shipping amount to account for any variation and cover any additional costs of packing materials and handling. If shipping comes out to be less than what your buyer paid, you're always welcome to refund the difference.

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