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How to connect a bank account with Reverb Payments

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For sellers using Reverb Payments, we make it easy to connect your bank account to Reverb through Plaid. Plaid is a third party service that allows you to connect your bank account quickly and safely.

Linking your bank with instant verification

Instant verification is only available for sellers in the US and Canada.

1. Sign into your Reverb account and head to your Shop Policies page.

2. Select Connect My Bank with Plaid.

3. Choose “instant” verification. Select your bank and enter your online banking username and password.

How to transfer your Payout Balance to a bank account

Not seeing your money? It could be in your Payout Balance. Learn more.

*Only seen for US users                      

Screen_Shot_2021-10-28_at_11.14.54_AM.png        Screen_Shot_2022-04-05_at_11.17.03_AM.png  


Screen_Shot_2021-10-28_at_11.15.06_AM.png        Screen_Shot_2021-10-28_at_11.15.16_AM.png   


Screen_Shot_2021-10-28_at_11.15.32_AM.png        Screen_Shot_2021-10-28_at_11.15.48_AM.png

Depending on your bank, you may have to enter additional information or verify your account and routing numbers. Additionally, some banks may redirect you to their website to login with your online banking credentials.

Linking your bank with manual verification

Screen_Shot_2022-04-06_at_3.44.56_PM.png   OR   Screen_Shot_2021-12-07_at_3.57.54_PM.png

If you select "Manual" verification, or your bank cannot be found through instant verification, you'll be prompted to enter your account numbers manually. Note that this option typically takes 1-2 days.

1. Enter and verify your account numbers and other information.

2. You'll receive a deposit of $0.01 in your bank account within one business day.

3. Locate the 3-character code in the name of the deposit. This code may also appear in the transaction's description.

4. On your Shop Policies page, select Verify Deposit. If you don't see the micro-deposit in your bank account, choose Deposit Not Found. This button will restart the bank verification process.

6. Enter the 3-character code, and select Continue.

7. The deposit will be automatically deducted from your bank account, and your banking information is now verified on Reverb.

Plaid prohibits syncing bank accounts 3 times within 7 days for security purposes.

Linking your bank with manual entry

For sellers who are located and have bank accounts in France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, and Portugal.

1. Head to your Shop Policies page.

2. Enter your bank account information, then select Save Changes.

3. Ensure you have a billing card on file.

Why does Reverb use instant verification?

We understand how important it is to receive your payments efficiently. By letting you quickly and securely connect your financial institution to your Reverb account, it ensures our disbursal process runs smoothly.

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