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Can I change my Shop Currency with Reverb Payments?

Quick answer

If your shop is set up for Reverb Payments, you may see an option on your Shop Policies page to change your Shop Currency.


If you are a US seller, your Shop Currency will default to USD, and cannot be changed.

To change your Shop Currency, simply select the currency from the dropdown list provided. 

If you have already made a sale on Reverb using a currency that is not USD, changing your Shop Currency is not possible. Editing your currency is only available if you've never made a sale, and don't have any live listings on the platform.

I've already made a sale, how do I change my Shop Currency?

A new Reverb account will need to be created using the desired currency.

Before creating a new account, your current account needs to be deleted by following these instructions. Make sure that any open orders are finalized and unpaid invoices are paid before proceeding.

After the account is removed, create a new account with the correct Shop Currency.

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