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What is 'Trade-in for Cash'?

Trade In For Cash is a new way to sell gear on Reverb, without ever having to create a listing. Within seconds, you can sell eligible items to a guaranteed buyer and receive the full amount listed for the item (that means no selling or shipping fees) once the item is verified by our team. 


What kind of gear can I Trade In For Cash?

You’ll find many of Reverb’s top selling items eligible for Trade-In. The best Trade-In gear tends to have less variation in terms of condition and value, like popular pedals, newer guitars and amps, as well as budget-friendly microphones. If you’re looking to sell a vintage or rare item, creating a listing on Reverb is the best way to go. 

How do I know if the gear I own is eligible?

To see if your gear is eligible for Trade-In, simply enter the brand and model name of your item into the Trade-In search bar. If your item is eligible, you’ll be able to recognize it from a picture in the search results and see the current all-cash Trade In offer. 

What condition should my gear be in?

To participate in this program, your item must be in at least “very good” condition. “Very Good” items are fully functional and overall in great condition. There may be a few marks, scratches or minor blemishes as long as they do not affect the playability or function of the item. Your item must also be in its original state, meaning no modifications have been made. Note that minor maintenance repairs are good and don’t count as modifications. 

How do I ship my item?

You must ship your item within 5 days of making a Trade-In. As soon as you make your Trade-In, Reverb will automatically email you with  a prepaid shipping label. You can also find your label and detailed packing & shipping instructions by locating your item in your Orders dashboard. 


As with all Reverb sales, our Shipping Corner is here to help you pack your item safely and securely.

What happens if my gear is lost or damaged in shipping? 

Trade In For Cash sellers are provided with a prepaid shipping label, which includes shipping protection.  If anything is lost or damaged during shipping, our responsive and friendly support team will help resolve the issue quickly and cover associated costs. 

How will I get paid?

In order to make a Trade-In, we’ll need to know where you’d like to receive your payment. If you already have a bank account added to your shop settings, no further action is required unless you’d like to use a different account. You can easily add a bank account directly from the Trade In For Cash form. All banking information is encrypted and stored securely. 

Payment will be sent to your account once the item has been shipped to our Warehouse and verified by our team.

How are cash offers determined?

Trade In cash offers are determined by the buyers participating in this program. Reverb will only surface the highest offered price per item. 

What if I send it my item and it’s determined that it doesn’t actually meet eligibility requirements?

If your item is modified or not in at least very good condition, it will be returned and you will not be paid for the item. In most cases, you will also be responsible for the cost of return shipping. 

If your item is not completely as described, for example you sent in a Korean Telecaster when the all-cash offer was for a Mexican Telecaster, our team will work with both you and the buyer to determine the best way forward. In most cases, the buyer will present a new offer for the actual item sent and you can determine if you’d like to proceed or have your item returned to you.

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